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Stone House Bread

The Crusty Loaves made with organic flour, well water and sea salt, allowed to rise slowly and baked in a steam-injected German oven. They can be found on shelves of groceries and specialty food stores and on restaurant tables throughout northwest Michigan.

Our promise is the freshest bread in the North, made with the finest organic flour—fragrant, crusty loaves with the sweet tang of sourdough. The baguettes and boules that emerge from our venerable Matador oven (built in Stuttgart when John Kennedy was president) will prompt memories of morning walks in Paris and Rome. We believe you’ll say, with celebration: Now that’s an honest loaf of bread!


Organic wheatberries, cold well water, and a careful measure of sea salt are the foundation stones of Stone House Bread. With these riches, our unique sourdoughs—built in the clean, crisp air of Leelanau County—can work alchemic miracles: home heart aromas, caramelized crusts, and tangy tastes. Every loaf is proofed in willow baskets or Belgian linen. No sugar, no molasses, no eggs, no milk, no preservatives, no additives. No fooling.


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An Honest Loaf of Bread

Know what's in your dough

  • All Natural water is so important during the process of baking Stone House Bread. Its functions in baking processes are numerous.  Having a well that provides quality, natural water was paramount when we selected our bakery location.Factors that must be considered in relation to water quality are

  • Stone house bread takes pride in using quality ingredients. We stress and practice buying local, as much as possible. Quality flour as a priority and is the foundation of the bread. We use farmers with decades of experience and offer the highest quality available to us.The grain farms and millers we source from are certified

  • Commercial bread is industrially processed food that often contains ingredients that benefit a product’s texture, taste and shelf life, but have the potential to negatively impact human health. Certain antioxidants and dough conditioners are deemed possible carcinogens by

Comments from bread fans!

Take a look at what they say

I love the Asiago cheese sourdough! I have problems digesting products with gluten in them and love that I can have great sandwiches again!

Amanda Boadway Bread lover

The Asiago cheese was delicious. I'm looking forward to trying some of the other flavors like the cherry walnut. Keep up the good work guys!

Sedona Bjorkquist Cook

We eat the Asiago sourdough every morning, it never gets old! It's hard to find REAL sourdough that doesn't have yeast in the ingredients!

Bekah Laurain Mother

Great Bread! We enjoy getting some lunch meat and Stonehouse Italian Bread then heading out to the Boardman River for a picnic ♡

Jeremy Sparks Father

By far, best bread in Michigan. Takes us back to Europe where you could always find a great loaf of bread, in any small village.

Joseph Lawrence Commissioner

I bought the Charnuska Rye and was amazed. I lived in Germany and try to find bread here like the bread here. This is the closest I've found yet.

James English South Bend, Indiana

A little history

We've been around since 1995. Here's a slice of our past.