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What’s in your dough?

Commercial bread is industrially processed food that often contains ingredients that benefit a product’s texture, taste and shelf life, but have the potential to negatively impact human health. Certain antioxidants and dough conditioners are deemed possible carcinogens by

a variety of governmental agencies, and yet they are still approved for use in food. Sweeteners and certain fats are linked toweight gain, heart disease, and diabetes. It’s important to note that not all unfamiliar ingredients are dangerous. For example, lecithin may be difficult to pronounce, but the compound is found in egg yolks and soybeans and contains the nutrient choline. So, just because you don’t recognize an ingredient name doesn’t mean it’s harmful. Still, for optimal health, choose quality bread as often as possible. You will easily identify their ingredients (flour, yeast, water, salt) as those common to bread and you won’t have to worry about additives — you just might have to consume it quicker or freeze it to prevent spoilage.